Chrissy Teigen Says This Is the Best Look She Has Ever Worn

Chrissy Teigen is the latest celebrity to star in Vogue's 73 Questions series, in which she recalls fake bangs as the worst trend she has ever worn and cites Kate Moss as her biggest style icon. But when the mom and model answered one particular question, we were all ears.

It's undeniable that Teigen has had a lot of memorable style moments. And while it may be hard for us to pinpoint our favorite look (she's had so many!), she has one particular red carpet moment she considers her best outfit ever.

"My Oscars Marchesa dress," Teigen responds excitedly and without hesitation when asked about the best thing she has ever worn. And frankly, we can't really disagree. The long-sleeve, nude gown with ruby floral embroidering and beading she wore to last year's Oscars was definitely a look to remember. 

Scroll down to see the stunning Marchesa gown Chrissy Teigen considers her best look ever, and then watch the full 73 Questions. 


Getty Images

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