The #1 Trick to Feel Happier About Your Closet, From a Top Fashion Blogger

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

If there's one undeniable takeaway from browsing The Chriselle Factor, it's that Chriselle Lim has enviable style—and a to-die-for closet. Whether she's demonstrating styling how-tos, giving health and wellness advice, or showcasing her new favorite things, Lim is always impeccably dressed, showcasing her diverse and dynamic wardrobe that's comprised of the most covetable of-the-moment fashion pieces.

When we had the chance to catch up with her at The Daily Front Row's third annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards this week, we couldn't help but inquire about how she takes on spring-cleaning her superlative collection of clothes. We asked her how often she audited her closet, and her answer was clear: "Every day. Every single day."

"My rule is—because I bring so much stuff in, you know, I shop a lot, I'm gifted a lot of things—whenever I bring a bag of stuff in, I always have to bring a bag of stuff out," Lim explained. "That's the rule because the flow has to be efficient or else you're just going to have this crazy closet of stuff that you don't want—that you won't even look at."

But despite Lim's no-nonsense approach to keeping her closet under capacity and in order, there are some prize possessions that will never get cut. "My vintage pieces that my mom passed me down," said Lim. "I have a few heirloom jewelry pieces and also some vintage Chanel bags, so those will never ever—no matter how old or ugly they get—I will never throw those out!"

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