This Is the Most Versatile Winter Dress (and It's $35)

One of the biggest things we look to fashion bloggers for is styling inspiration. Not only do they have impeccable taste in the first place, but also, they're always coming up with unique, artful ways to wear things, techniques we might not be able to come up with on our own.

This time, we're looking to Chriselle Lim for that very advice. For a recent video on her YouTube channel, she's showing everyone a whopping seven ways to style just one dress. The versatile piece in question? It's the velvet wrap slip dress from our Who What Wear collection. Considering it goes with pretty much everything, it's one of the only dresses you need this season. Just ask Lim, who styled it as a sleek holiday look, a cool and casual bomber-jacket-and-white-sneaks ensemble, and more. Oh, and the best part about the dress is that it's only $35. Talk about cost-per-wear value.

Scroll on to see all seven ways Lim styles the dress and shop it for yourself.


Chriselle Lim

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Opening Image: Chriselle Lim