4 Outfit Formulas Chloë Grace Moretz Swears By

If you haven't taken the time to admire the adorable style of Chloë Grace Moretz, please do so. She is one of those celebrities who always gets it right. Whether she is snapped leaving the airport or attending a premiere, Moretz is known to take risks, all the while managing to stay true to her well-established sense of style. From her love of quirky prints to her edgy collection of graphic tees, there has yet to be a look of hers we don't adore. 

In recent years, we have noticed that Chloë has developed striking outfit formulas that work every single time. This is a principle we think everyone should abide by. Once you find a look that works for you, why abandon it? Simply find fresh ways to update the outfit formula of choice and rock it whenever and wherever. 

Keep reading to see the four main outfit formulas Moretz repeats on the regular!