The 7 Shoes Every Girl in Chicago Is Wearing

If you live in a city, wearing stylish shoes can be a challenge. Heels can be uncomfortable if you have to walk long distances and day-to-night styles need to be considered. But when it comes to city-appropriate footwear, Chicago fashion girls have it down.

We did some digging, and we found seven versatile styles Chicago girls wear on repeat. And they’re all available at affordable prices. They stick to shoes that are both easy to walk in and on trend. Mules are very popular, and we’ve been seeing them in styles ranging from pointed slides to taller versions with a comfortable block heel. Sneakers are another style we’ve been seeing on the streets of Chicago—from classic Converse to throwback leather trainers. Want to see how city girls style their shoes?

Keep reading to see the seven shoe styles Chicago girls wear and shop our favorite picks.