The Worst Selfie Mistake You Can Make, According to Chiara Ferragni


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Last week I hopped on a plane with a passport tucked under my arm and a ticket in my hand for Italy. The trip was to Verona for the Calzedonia runway show. For the uninitiated, Calzedonia is a wildly popular legwear and swimwear brand in Italy. Big models like Adriana Lima and Julia Roberts (who was in also in the audience at the show) are the stars of the brand’s campaigns, and it has a huge following in Europe. Similar to the scale of the Victoria’s Secret show, the brand brought out all the stops on the runway: famous models, choreographed dance routines, and a performance so impressive that it had Julia Roberts clapping for the entire duration of the show (trust me, I was oohing and ahhing right behind her). The brand also counts fashion girls like Chiara Ferragni among its fans, who I was able to interview at the show.

When I sat down with Chiara, I instinctively asked her about her secret for snapping the perfect selfie. After all, she’s the master, so how could I pass up an opportunity to find out her tricks? I asked her to spill her number one secret for taking a good selfie every time, and she revealed the following: “I think it’s mostly about the light. So in every room I'm in, I can kinda see what the best light is to take a photo.” The worst mistake? Snapping a photo with the “dark light in front of you.”

Makes sense. But I wanted to see it in action. When I asked her to take a photo with me, she was a total pro. She had us quickly flip around on the interview couch to point our faces in the direction of the windows, telling me, “So for here—like when you have a window or natural light in front of you—it’s always so much better and so much more flattering to stand in front of that because you see just things that make your skin more radiant.” I didn’t hesitate to believe that the natural glow of the window was the ultimate lighting for a selfie. She then grabbed my iPhone, holding it at the perfect 45-degree angle and snapped just a few photos. And in all of them, our skin was glowing and perfectly lit. No weird shadows, no harsh lines, and no retouching required.

Go on to see my photo with Chiara Ferragni and to see the standout looks from the Calzedonia show.

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