Why Gabrielle Chanel Is Still the Ultimate Power Woman

As part of Chanel's Inside Chanel film series, the brand is celebrating its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, in a new short film called Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart. The 18th installment focuses on her unapologetically rebellious spirit that paved the way for the iconic French fashion house.

"I decided who I wanted to be and that is who I am." It's the opening quote in the film, one that Chanel famously spoke. And whether it's short hair, LBDs, or a tweed suit, Gabrielle Chanel's groundbreaking impact on fashion is undeniable, and the graphics-laden film shows how she achieved it. The video also zeroes in on the designer's driving ideals—which center around the terms "to choose," "to desire," and "to be"—and how she followed them to kick-start the brand's game-changing success in the industry and make her a household name.

To further honor the legend, Chanel is introducing a new soon-to-be It bag called the Gabrielle, inspired by the designer's feminist, rule-breaking spirit she possessed before the world knew her as Coco.

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Chanel