7 Major Chanel Bag Moments From Gossip Girl, The O.C., and SATC

There are certain shows for which it's said the fashion played as crucial a role as any character. Sex and the City and Gossip Girl come to mind immediately, and The O.C. isn't far behind. And within the incredible fashion stories depicted on these shows, there's one brand that rises to the top: Chanel.

The ladies on these shows all have insane wardrobes, and a Chanel bag (or several) plays an integral role in how they dress. Blaire Waldorf would rather be caught dead than without a Chanel boy bag hanging from her arm; Samantha Jones carried a Chanel bag probably more than any of the other iconic SATC characters (Carried preferred Fendi). For all of the above, Chanel bags were as crucial to their characterizations as the sounds of their voice or the color of their hair.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite Chanel bag moments from these iconic shows.

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