THIS Is the Result of Karl Lagerfeld Being "Tired of a Girl Holding a Bag"

The fall 2016 ads have started rolling in (hooray!), including one of the most highly anticipated: Chanel. In true Karl Lagerfeld fashion, he debuted a campaign for the fall collection that no one saw coming. The ads that everyone is buzzing about stem from Lagerfeld's admission to WWD: “I was tired of a girl holding a bag.” As a result of Lagerfeld's fatigue for the formulaic ad campaign image, he came up with a fresh way to display the collection and represent the iconic fashion house—colorful collages!

Lagerfeld further explained the idea behind the campaign to WWD, saying "I love collages and I thought the collection was really suitable for collages. I wanted to do something else that we have never done before. It is not an artistic research. It is an inspiration without roots—spontaneous. And making collages with a computer was impossible before.”

While one of the models is technically holding a bag, it's hardly the focal point of the ads, which include backgrounds comprised of Chanel's trademark pearls, camellia flowers, and quilting. The striking ads will surely stand out in the September issues amidst a sea of girls holding handbags, and probably inspire a few fashion girls to get out their arts and crafts tools… 

Keep scrolling to see two of the ads, and head over to WWD for all the details on the stunning campaign!

Let us know what you think of Chanel's fun, unique ads in the comments below, and check out Farfetch's incredible assortment of vintage Chanel pieces while you're at it!

Opening Image: Stephane Cardinale-Corbis/Getty