5 Stylish Wearable Tech Pieces We'll All Wear This Year


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When you think of the future, your head might drift off into a land resembling some sort of foreign utopia, but the reality is that the future is actually happening right before your very eyes—at least in the world of wearable technology. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the best of the best in terms of manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of technology hardware gathered to make their ideas a reality.

However, we are here solely to highlight and celebrate the most stylish wearable tech items that were presented at this year's CES, and trust us when we say that narrowing down this list was no easy feat. Ahead, we present to you our top five picks presented at the convention this year, each of which you can either buy now or get on a waiting list for when the product is finally available. Amongst the elite group includes a pair of running shoes that will help you set goals for your runs, a purse that charges your phone, and much more. 

Keep reading to learn about the latest and most stylish wearable tech on the market. 

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