These Are the Emoji Your Favorite Celebs Use Most

Old Navy just made a genius move by launching a web app called Emoodji that analyzes social media feeds (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) to find out which emoji you use most on each platform. The larger the emoji image is at the end, the more you use it and vice versa.

But you probably already know which emoji you use most, right? Well, we decided to have a little fun with the app and look into our favorite celebrity accounts instead. The results are pretty interesting: While some people overuse certain emoji, others seem to try every emoji under the sun. And in some cases, the results were downright funny—I mean, just look at Rihanna’s favorite.

The clothing brand is doing this as part of a giveaway: It plans to award 10,000 people with free flip-flops or a free trip simply for using the search tool. The giveaway lasts for 20 days, but we’re hoping the web app sticks around long after!

Scroll down to find out which emoji celebs like Blake Lively and Lena Dunham use most.