To Veil or Not to Veil? How I Made the Big Bridal Decision

Growing up, I never imagined wearing a veil on my wedding day. I felt as though the lengthy sheer fabric would cramp my style, and I never wanted to look too much like a classic bride. Truthfully I always envisioned myself accessorizing with a floral wreath. Later on, during my Sex and the City obsession, I had my mind set on a high-fashion headpiece. But somewhere between 2011 and now, when Kate Moss stunned in a lace Juliet cap veil and Kim Kardashian opted for a jaw-dropping version of her own, I changed my mind and found myself on a mission to find the perfect finishing piece.

Keep scrolling to see my veil, plus the style stars who inspired my bridal decision.

Are you walking down the aisle in the near future? Have you decided whether or not to go with a veil? Please tell us in the comments below!