11 Outfits Celebrities Loved Enough to Instagram

It's a fact of life in 2017 that there are outfits, and then there are Instagram outfits. The former includes everything you wear when nobody's watching—grubby T-shirts, old hoodies, those leggings you only break out on laundry day—while the latter are, by definition, made to be shown off. Celebrities don't have much of a chance to venture out of the house in clothing they don't want to be photographed in (unless they accessorize with, say, a ski mask), but they do get to pick and choose the ensembles they deem worthy of posting to their feeds.

Now that we're well into the third month of 2017, we thought it was high time to highlight the standout #ootd 'grams our favorite stars have posted this year. From the streets of Paris, there's Bella Hadid nailing the teddy-coat trend and Rihanna showing off her fresh- (sorry, phresh-) off-the-runway YSL glitter boots, while in sunnier climes, we have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley topping off her look with a fisherman cap and Kate Bosworth opting for an easy printed sundress from buzzy label HVN. It may only be March, but it's shaping up to be a stylish year indeed.

Ahead, see the best Instagram-worthy outfits of 2017 so far, and shop 12 celeb-inspired picks.

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