What Celebs Are Wearing Instead of "Going-Out" Tops

While there isn't a hard and fast definition for a "going-out" top, it's one of those pieces that you instantly recognize when you see it. That could be because it's made of a fancy fabric like velvet or lurex, or features an alluring cut like off the shoulder or deep V-neck, or simply that it would make a pair of jeans or other casual item look dressier. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with wearing these after-dark tops, we've noticed as of late that celebrities are thinking outside the box more than ever when it comes to what they wear for a night on the town.

The always directional Alexa Chung even spelled out her disdain for the top style in an interview last year, saying, "There’s something about [the look] that upsets me. I went into Isabel Marant yesterday and I saw this nice red blouse—but then it was so, like, You wear that with jeans. I want to make things look interesting together and not be so spelled out."

We did a little investigating into what celebs like Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, and Chung herself are repeatedly wearing instead, and our findings run the gamut from casual tees to statement-making fur coats. Keep scrolling to see the pieces that they're swapping going-out tops for the most.