Celebrity Fashion Regrets That Prove We're All Human

When it comes to getting dressed, celebrities typically experience a different approach than the rest of us. They're sent designer samples, have the latest pieces before they even hit the racks, and often have a stylist to assist with putting the whole look together (and this is without mentioning their often insane, lust-worthy wardrobes). But while celebrities usually have an upper hand, sartorially speaking, they are not immune to the occasional fashion regret.

Although celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and OG street style star Sarah Jessica Parker have all cemented themselves as essentially flawless fashion forces, that doesn't mean they haven't had their own share of style-related regrets. Plenty of stars have spilled their biggest fashion regret anecdotes, proving we're all human and giving hope to anyone who's ever lost their fashion footing.

Keep scrolling for the fashion mishaps your favorite celebrities regret more than anything.

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