Real Men Ponder Fall's Biggest Celebrity Shoe Trends

One of the things we have the most fun with here at Who What Wear is getting real men to sound off on what people are wearing in the celebrity and high-fashion worlds. Since fashion isn't always the most approachable art form (we're looking at you, Rick Owens!), the male gender's take on it is oft amusing, to say the least.

This go-around, we asked real dudes to tell us their uncensored thoughts on some of the biggest shoe trends we've seen so far this fall from some of our favorite celebrities. From the omnipresent over-the-knee boots to the crisp white sneakers everyone's been wearing, we were dying to see what men had to say about the fashionable set's favorite fall footwear.

Keep scrolling to see what men have to say about the biggest fall shoe trends in the celebrity world!