The Average Price of a Celebrity Engagement Ring in 2017 Is Jaw-Dropping


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Engagement rings have always been a subject of acute fascination. They're so beautiful and symbolic that it's not surprising we place such great importance on them. Combine that fascination with the world's inherent interest in what celebrities wear and who they're in a relationship with, and you have a recipe for off-the-chart intrigue. Fittingly, as Brides just reported, London-based diamond retailer 77 Diamonds released its annual report on the biggest celebrity engagement ring trends. For 2017, they studied everything pertaining to rings received this year, including the metal (yellow gold), diamond shape (emerald), and, of course, the average price of the rings. Any guesses?

If you're thinking anything less than $1 million, you're pretty far off. The average price of new celebrity engagement rings in 2017 is a cool $1.29 million. That said, the average carat weight has gone down from what it was three years ago, which 77 Diamonds says indicates that celebs are spending more on diamond quality than size.

In the spirit of celebrity engagements, read on to see a few of our favorite celebrity engagement Instagram reveals, and head over to Brides to see the rest of the study.

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Opening Image: Julianne Hough engagement ring