Celebrities in the Longest Relationships Wear This One Engagement Ring Shape

When we think about celebrity engagement rings, it's probably their size that comes to mind more than anything else. Sure, there are some pretty expensive sparklers out there, but diamond size obviously doesn't determine how long a couple will stay together.

Still, we couldn't help but notice that a few of the stylish Hollywood celebs whose marriages have stood the test of time have similar taste in rings, opting for square or rectangular shapes. While the exact diamond cut differed, the general trend among these celebs was an angular shape.

So what's the appeal of such styles? We tapped Beth Gerstein, co-founder and co-CEO of Brilliant Earth, to shed some light. "Square and rectangular shapes are perfect for the couple who wants something distinctive, but still classic and timeless," she explains. "Square and rectangular fancy-shaped diamonds can be found in a range of cuts, and the most popular are princess, cushion, and emerald."

Curious for a closer look at the long-lasting celebrity couples and their engagement rings of choice? Below we break down the rings worn by five inspiringly chic women.

See the rings below, then shop for similar styles you're bound to love.