This Is How the Fashion Community Came Together for the Women's March

Thousands gathered in the nation's capital for the Women's March on Washington—as well as other marches all over the world—to lend voices to change, find strength in solidarity, and show that we cannot be silenced. As women united to stand up for equality, civil rights, and justice, we made history and set the stage for the kind of future in which we want to live. In the aftermath of saying farewell to the Obamas as our first family, marchers have committed to continuing to instill their values in the days ahead and working to raise awareness of the issues that matter most.

Women—and men—young and old from all walks of life came together to walk for a united cause. Members of the fashion community came out to make a stand, call to action, lend support, and march alongside everyone else. Scroll below to see how the fashion community came together to march in solidarity.