Catt Sadler's Go-To Statement Piece for a Timeless Work Look

If Catt Sadler were to tell you how many work hats she wears, what would the number be? Six. In addition to her co-hosting duties on E! News and E! News Weekend, Sadler is the president of Love Bug Entertainment (the production company that operates her blog, TheCattwalk), an international spokesperson for the Women Like Us Foundation, the face of Murad Skincare, a philanthropist, a documentarian, and, of course, a mom. “If you can’t tell, I like to be associated with projects I know can improve the lives of women!” Today, she shows you which outfits make her work wardrobe tick with the help of the one accessory piece she can’t be without—the BVLGARI LVCEA watch.

Keep scrolling for a look inside Sadler’s favorite work ensembles.

What’s the secret to planning a work wardrobe that can accommodate a schedule like yours?

“I’ve learned to really simplify things. I used to collect an overabundance of trendy pieces, and now I just gravitate to what I know I will wear and reflects my personal style best. Less is more. If it’s in your closet and you haven’t worn it for a year, donate it and make room for more beautiful things.”

Lending a sense of versatility to a work outfit is important. What do you love about this look?

“For any day-to-night outfit, comfort is key because I may have to wear it for hours on end. This outfit screams stylish yet serious. Secondly, the fabrics must be forgiving and not look tired by the end of the day. The watch sends the signal that time is a precious commodity. Yes, my time is valuable, and so am I. I’d wear this to meetings with my agents in the boardroom, power lunch with TV executives at Soho House, or perhaps for an occasion with investors to raise finance for my film.”


What do you think a watch brings to a wardrobe that other jewelry pieces don’t?

“A watch is a statement and generally exudes a sense of sophistication. In my opinion, it is a stand-alone piece that should remain free of the busyness of other decorative distractions.”

This black tuxedo jumpsuit is a stunning alternative to an evening dress. Where do you see yourself wearing it?

“I would wear this to an evening event where I want to come across as strong and powerful yet slightly seductive. The combination of the LVCEA watch and one-piece suit was like the perfect marriage. Simple. Elegant. Sultry.”

How often do you look at your watch when you’re working a red carpet event?

“Constantly! My phone rarely fits in my tiny clutches; therefore, I rely on my watch to keep me on time. ‘We are live in five, people!’ Live TV doesn’t wait if you’re late!”

A turtleneck-and–pencil skirt combo is as classic as workwear comes. How do you make this different?

"This look is very versatile. This would work for a breakfast meeting, a parent/teacher conference, a screening, or a relaxed fashion event in the evening. It’s no-fuss, comfortable, and flattering. Because this is the simplest look, the LVCEA watch lends a striking quality to the overall outfit. A classic balance of simplicity and sophistication."

What about the BVLGARI LVCEA watch makes it an investment piece?

"I like the crown’s soft round edges combined with the strong bracelet on this style. BVLGARI sets a gemstone into the crown of every LVCEA watch. The twist on winding a watch with a gem is singularly luxurious and signature BVLGARI. I learned its design is an homage to the ancient sundial and the power of “light’ or ‘luce’ in Italian. It’s incredibly interesting to learn about the inspiration and craftsmanship that goes into something we wear every day. The subtle bling gives this stunning watch just enough pop. The style is timeless. An investment piece I will have for decades."

When the opportunity presents itself, what do you love about working from home?

“When I’m knee-deep in my digital world, posting to my blog or on my other social platforms, writing notes for my documentary, or even waking to the latest breaking entertainment news in my inbox, I like to be in natural light. There’s something about all this technology that zaps my energy. A good portion of my day is in the studio on set at E! with no windows. Therefore, when I have the leisure to work at home, warm, bright, natural light really fuels my soul.”

How do you stop yourself from working in pajamas all day?

“I love oversize chunky sweaters this time of year. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wrapped up in a blanket every minute of the day? I try to balance that comfort with an occasional pop of prep to remind myself to stay alert and in the game at all times.”

Which outfit would you wear to work? Tell us in the comments below.

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