13 Times Cats and Fashion Combined to Make the World a Better Place

Little-known fact (or at least little acknowledged here in the fashion community): Today is National Cat Day! What does that mean exactly? Nothing much, unless you’re a cat lover—then it potentially means everything.

Founded by self-proclaimed cat-obsessed Colleen Paige—also a celebrity pet expert and author—the day serves little more purpose than simply for cat owners and lovers to share their mutual adoration for the furry little animals. It might not seem like cats have much of a place in the haughty world of fashion, but they actually have played quite an integral role over the years.

From starring roles in multiple Vogue editorials to an even more spotlighted position at the center of Karl Lagerfeld’s heart, cats are often front and center in the realm of fashion. In honor of the feline species’ special day, we’re counting down the best times cats and fashion combined to make the world a better (or at least cuter!) place. 

Keep scrolling to see them all!