This Blogger's Genius Video on Body Image Will Make You Cry



YouTube Star Cassey Ho has garnered a wide following for her fitness channel Blogilates, where she shares short and sweet workout routines for viewers to try at home. But despite her good intentions, the Internet hasn’t always been so kind to her, with followers regularly insulting her appearance. “It’s something that’s been eating away at me for a while now,” the vlogger said in a video last week, and so she decided to take the matter into her own hands with a new video, above.

In the video, Ho returns from a workout in good spirits, only to be brought down by the cruel comments flung at her on social media. So how does she deal? By “perfecting” her body, whittling it down in all the supposedly “right” places, only to be left looking sad and unrelieved. It’s incredibly moving, and a valid critique of society’s warped perspective on beauty and health—a perspective which seems to be unleashed in its ugliest form on Internet comment feeds.

Read more about the video and it's aftermath at Business Insider, and shop our favorite workout wear (sans harsh standards) here. What do you think of Ho's video? Sound off in the comments!