5 Outfits That Make Dressing Like a French Girl So Easy

We've said it before, and we're saying it again: Caroline de Maigret is the epitome of chill French style. The effortlessly chic Parisian—who's literally written the book on what that means—is a Lagerfeld Chanel muse, a model, and a constant source of fashion inspiration for us.

In a recent shoot with Semaine, the 42-year-old trendsetter wears five simple, laid-back looks that capture that French-girl je ne sais quoi quality and prove she's the poster girl for it. "Fashion is, first of all, meant to be a pleasure," she tells Semaine. De Maigret also explains that her fashion sense comes from her not wanting to go the "girly" route.

"When I was in college, I began to wear my brother's trousers, and people told me it was really cool, so I figured it suited me well. My style followed the music I listened to," she muses. "I had a gothic phase, and then grunge with the rise of Nirvana. I listened to punk music very loud and went to Elysée Montmartre all the time for Alice in Chains or Fugazi gigs. I wore check shirts and too large ripped jeans. Now, I'm also a mix of all those musical experiences."

What's her wardrobe like these days? A little edgy and totally laid-back. Ultimately, it's just what we'd want to copy. Keep scrolling to see the photos of Caroline de Maigret's shoot for Semaine.

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