Career Code: The Most Surprising Thing About Running Your Own Brand

In honor of Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power’s upcoming book, The Career Code: Must-Know Rules for a Strategic, Stylish, and Self-Made Career ($17), we’re kicking off an interview series featuring 17 questions (in honor of the book's 17 chapters) about the work lives of the most inspirational female leaders in the fashion industry. So far, we tapped Rebecca Minkoff, Lauren Conrad, and Andrea Lieberman. Up next? Emily Current and Meritt Elliott.

If those names sound familiar, it’s probably because you own at least one item from Current/Elliott, the brand they founded in 2008, or their latest denim endeavor, The Great. Or maybe you’re a fan of Jessica Alba’s style? They’re also the creative styling team behind that. Or could it be that you’re redecorating your home and have shopped one of their designs at Pottery Barn? Whatever the reason, if you follow Emily and Meritt’s work, there’s truly no going wrong, which is why we were thrilled when we got the chance to pick their brains for the latest installment of our Career Code interview series.

Scroll down to read everything they had to say, from the part of their job that’s the most surprising, to what they wear when they want to feel powerful (hint: an item they’re pretty good at designing!), to the best way to quit a job.

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