Cara Delevingne's Entire (Gorgeous) Topshop Holiday Campaign Is Here!

In case you needed a reminder, Cara Delevingne continues to blow pretty much everyone else out of the water when it comes to doing her thing on camera. It's true, we love her almost as much for her kooky personallity as we do for her smoldering stare—but if we had to choose, we'd have to go with the undeniably stunning photos she takes.

Her latest shining example of being one of the world's true top models: her beautiful new campaign for Topshop's holiday collection. We know it's good because we basically want to buy everything she's wearing—and if you want to, you can! The full collection is live on the Topshop site now.

Keep scrolling to see the campaign in its entirety and see if you agree with us that Cara kills it!