Rihanna Directed Cara Delevingne's New Puma Campaign

Rihanna and Cara Delevingne are taking over the fashion industry. The former served as the creative director on Puma's newest campaign, which stars Delevingne. (Could we have dreamed up a better collaboration?) Not only are the photos impossibly cool, but the message behind the new campaign is truly inspiring.

Delevingne explained the deeper meaning behind the campaign in a press release: “To 'Do You' is to take ownership of yourself and finding the power within that ownership—it's a very powerful statement," she said. "It's about accepting who you are, no matter your faults. 'Do You’ is about finding your truth and sticking to it. I think it's so special because it means something different for everyone. It specifically encourages people to be themselves.” Who could possibly argue with that? 

See Cara Delevingne's new Puma campaign (with creative direction by Rihanna) below!

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