Here's Yet Another Sneaker Drop You'll Want to Get Your Hands on ASAP

The saying is true: History tends to repeat itself—especially when it comes to shoe trends. Styles that were in fashion over the past few decades have been making major comebacks, think platform sandals, mules, Birkenstocks, Nike's Cortez Sneakers, and more. Puma’s latest sneaker drop is yet another updated classic that’s bound to take over everyone’s wardrobes (and sell out fast). Did we mention that Cara Delevingne is the face of the new shoes’ campaign? If she doesn’t convince you to buy a pair, we don’t know what will.

The Puma Basket Hearts are a reinvention of the ’70s court classic, the Puma Baskets. The sneakers gained popularity in the hip-hop scene for their style and comfort, according to the brand’s press release. Brought back in 2016, they were modernized with the addition of oversize laces and a feminine feel. Now, Puma is making the Basket Hearts even more bold and cutting-edge.

This latest leather style comes in red, blue, and black—the perfect colors for fall and winter—and boast their signature XL laces with Puma branding knitted on them. The Basket Hearts will drop online and in-store in the U.S. on July 6.

Check out the new Puma Basket Heart sneakers below!

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