Cara Delevingne Is the Subject of a New Documentary

At 24 years old, Cara Delevingne might seem quite young to already have a documentary about her life. But the British model turned actress is no typical 20-something, and within the next few months, The Cara Project will be coming to fruition. As Variety reports, Revolver Entertainment has acquired the rights to the film project that puts Delevingne in the spotlight and is planning to release via DVD.

Few details have been shared about this project, except that it will explore Delevingne’s career trajectory, a topic that fascinated us, as well. After all, it’s incredibly impressive how she saw a meteoric rise as a fashion-industry (and Karl Lagerfeld) favorite, collaborating with numerous brands and amassing a huge Instagram following before she stepped away to transition and focus—almost exclusively—on her acting career, landing major roles in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, for starters. Naturally, there’s so much more to her story than meets the eye, so we’ll be keeping a close watch as to when The Cara Project is officially released.

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Opening Image: Getty

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