The One Lingerie Trend This Model Says Is a "Game Changer"

We imagine it’s hard to intimidate a model with a fashion trend. After all, these are professionals who are paid to wear all kinds of clothing, even if only for the camera. But when we chatted with Candice Huffine, she admitted upfront that there’s one lingerie look she can’t get on board with.

“I find lately that there are a lot of bells and whistles going on with bras, which are beautiful in hindsight, but for me, I just don’t know how to wear that. That is very intimidating to me.” So it’s only natural that there are no over-the-top details in her first lingerie collaboration with Canadian brand Fortnight, which makes its debut today.

“I was introduced to Fortnight on set probably three years ago, and it was an aha moment for me because it was the first bra that I had found that spoke to me on style, but also in support and fit,” Huffine tells us, pointing out, “and it didn’t have underwire.” The model is, of course, referring to the brand’s longline, wireless bra, which has become one of its most popular pieces. And when Huffine became a creative partner for this collaboration, she not only had a hand in designing new elegant, understated, and supportive styles, but she also helped the entire brand take greater steps toward size inclusivity.

“Making a diverse size range was something that we’ve always done in the past,” says Fortnight’s founder, Christina Remenyi, “but recently with Candice’s guidance and feedback, we’ve been able to extend it one cup further.” Starting with the CH x Fortnight collaboration, the collection will now offer sizes 36E, 34F, and 30 to 32G, as well as bottoms in size XXL, including another Huffine-favorite piece: the bodysuit.

“It’s such a game changer,” she shares about the one-piece. “I hope that women will embrace this trend. Think about how women put shapewear underneath their clothes already. This can serve that purpose, except it looks great, you feel great, and you don’t feel like you put on bland, nude sausage casing to hide under your clothes.” Anyone who’s gotten stuck in a pair of too-tight, skin-tone shapewear might be intrigued.

Below, take a look and shop Huffine’s debut collaboration—currently available exclusively at Fortnight and Journelle—filled with sleek, no-frills designs for nearly every body.