Yes, Candice Huffine Was Bitten by a Lion During a Photo Shoot

Most people would agree that being a fashion model is far from a boring job. However, only a few might also guess that a realistic workplace risk is getting bitten by a wild animal. Candice Huffine can confirm that it is.

In our latest edition of Fashion Firsts, Huffine recounts a few of her most significant and “first” model moments, including the time she co-starred on set with a baby lion. “We were posing next to each other, and I stood up to part ways after the shot, and then she just got me,” she recalls.

Animals asides, Huffine also told us about how wild it is to have your face—and lingerie-clad body—splayed across a New York City subway and attend a casting call with the iconic Steven Meisel. It’s certainly not your typical day at the office. Watch above to hear about it all.

Opening Image: Getty Images