Follow This Easy Trick and Never Wear Uncomfortable Shoes Again


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If you’ve ever bought a pair of shoes a size too small, you’re not alone. Maybe scooped them up at a designer sample sale, or perhaps you thought they fit, only to end up with aching feet after your first day wearing them. Regardless, if you’re stuck with footwear that’s a little too snug, can you stretch your shoes to make them bigger? You bet. You won’t be able to make huge changes, but you can easily stretch most styles up to a half-size bigger. Ahead, read more about our top tips for stretching shoes.

Wear them with thick socks.

You can break them in at home by wearing them with thick socks. You can also try adding heat from a blow-dryer to wear in the leather. Keep the heat at medium, and don’t exceed 30 seconds in one area to avoid any damage. It’s always best to test a spot first to make sure you’re not harming your shoes.

Try the freezer method.

Fill 1/4 of a Ziploc bag with water, and place it in your shoe. Be careful to make sure it is sealed tight to avoid any water spots. Put your shoes in the freezer, and leave them there until the water turns to ice. As the ice forms, it will help to stretch your shoes. Remove them from the freezer, and take out the bags once the ice has defrosted.

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