Can You Guess Which Fashion Item Is Under $40?

Affordable fashion has a way of tricking the eye. Choosing the right material, sticking to basic colors, and knowing the best sections at each budget-friendly store are all tricks to conceal the price of a fast-fashion item.

We all know shopping fast fashion can sometimes become a love-hate relationship. The good: You score a very affordable designer-like item at half the price or less. The not so good: You splurge on your favorite runway piece and two weeks later see a similar style on Zara. We've all been there. But today, we're praising the under-$40 fast-fashion scores our editors own. Here's the catch: We want you to guess the affordable piece from each look. So be sure to take a close look and examine each stylish outfit. 

Watch the below video to put your taste level to the test, and then shop the pieces shown plus more under-$40 finds below.

How many did you get right? We want to know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Where Did U Get That