I Broke Up With This Swimsuit Trend



I don't know how you store your swimsuits, but mine are crammed into a tote bag and stuffed under my bed. It's not a perfect system (by a long shot), but in my teeny-tiny New York apartment, it works well enough. But as a result, my bikinis tend to twist together into one stringy, twisted mess making it generally way easier to grab a random top and bottom rather than finding a matching pair. For a long time, I liked the unfussiness of mismatched tops and bottoms, as it seemed easy (and cool) to throw together whatever top and bottom I pleased.

But I've learned something: My supposed laziness was working against me. The truth: I felt more relaxed in a matching top and bottom. While theoretically, I shouldn't care about how mismatched pieces go together, the reality is that I found myself often contemplating (and later regretting) my individual top and bottom choices. I would try mixing prints and cuts that seemed cute in theory only to put them on and feel self-conscious (which isn't exactly how you want to feel in a swimsuit). And while I had assumed that a matching suit was a bit blah, there are plenty of coordinated suits that don't feel too matchy-matchy. Below I'm highlighting my four key rules for bikini shopping and sharing a few of my favorite matching sets too.