I'm 5'9" and Wear Heels on Every First Date—Here's Why


Paley Fairman

"Oh… you're tall" is a phrase I seem to hear a lot during first dates. At 5'9", I'm not towering by any means, but since I am half a foot taller than the national average (the CDC's current stat is just around 5'3"), I'm sure that I've surprised more than one Tinder match. But, despite the fact I may be as tall as (or taller) than a mystery meetup, I've made a habit of always opting for heels on a first date.

Whether it's a simple pair of two-inch mules or a stacked heel, it's less about the numbers and more about how heels make me feel. First dates are nerve-racking and awkward, no matter how the night may end. So, if it's a killer pair of shoes that brings me confidence, I'm going to wear them.

Is this too intimidating? Some of my pairings may feel that way, but to me, that seems to be another indicator. If my height really bothers you, this was never bound to work out anyway. Sure, physical attraction is an important part of dating, don't get me wrong. But, if what I have to say isn't weighed more heavily than what I'm wearing, we're headed for trouble.

I'll happily acknowledge that my first date tactics may not be for everyone. As I mentioned previously, the best thing to wear on a first date is what makes you feel most confident. I've learned through my own trial and error, and it's my favorite heels that make my look feel complete. My one caveat: I always test them out first, because if they aren't comfortable, I won't be either.

Read on to shop my favorite high heels for a first date!