Here's How Byron Bay Is Influencing Style All Around the World



In recent years Byron Bay has quickly built up a reputation for itself as a locus of cool, laid back Australian fashion and a number of smaller labels have started popping up left and right. And while it may seem that this unsuspecting fashion scene has a niche following, the international popularity of these labels are proving that Byron must be onto something good.

Take the now world-renowned Spell & The Gypsy Collective, for example. What started as a pair of local sisters selling garments in the beach-side town is now a widely known label, stocked by some of the most popular shops in the U.S. including Urban Outfitters and Free People. Not to mention, the rapidity with which these independent designers are outpacing major Australian retailers is nothing short of impressive. The Daily Telegraph points to social media as one major source of success noting that, “To put the social media clout of Byron’s emerging labels into perspective, established retailers such as Myer and David Jones have fewer than [350,000] followers each on Instagram, while upcoming boho label Spell & The Gypsy Collective has amassed three times that.”

And there’s no denying that Instagram has played a big part in bringing the spotlight to the Byron Bay aesthetic. All you have to do is scroll through the Instagram pages of the town’s favourite labels, and you’ll instantly notice that they seem to have grown a cult-like following based on the breezy, bohemian feel that they portray through their designs. To say that this is only just the beginning feels like an understatement; it seems as though every day a new brand crops up in the coastal town, keeping us curious as to what will be the next big thing to come out of Byron in the years to come.

If nothing else, the town has thus far established an identity as a centre of Australian fashion. Chances are, you own at least one cult-favourite item made by a Byron label: Between St.Agni slides and Zulu & Zephyr swimwear, there’s so much to choose from. If you need a little refreshing, or have yet to discover Byron style, keep scrolling to see some items from the coolest brands to come out of the town.

If you're going on a European summer holiday, you probably need this.

This is about to be the next big swimwear style.

The jacket you've spent a lifetime searching for.

Better work pants than your usual trousers.

Add jeans and leather jacket and your outfit is good to go.

The easiest winter outfit ever. Hint: Pairs well with St.Agni slides, as pictured.

Perhaps more important than the LBD? The LRD.

Linen + wrap top = match made in heaven.

See? The style is on point. Plus, you'll be supporting local designers by shopping these brands: Always a plus.