The Buy-It-for-Life Theory: What It Is and How It Can Change Your Life

Fun fact about us: We often love perusing the random fashion boards on Reddit. It’s where we discovered the five-piece French wardrobe concept, and recently, we came across another nugget of wisdom that was too good not to share. There’s a certain thread called Buy It for Life, which is dedicated to finding and discussing the best products (including clothes and accessories) that are practical, durable, and quality-made. On this thread, we found a particular shopping philosophy that we think could revolutionize the way you shop for the better.

Scroll down to check it out—and start shopping smarter!

As we mentioned, the Buy It for Life mindset is about consuming smartly by only purchasing long-lasting, high-quality items. To put this idea into practice, one user suggested you ask yourself a question every time you are about to purchase something: “Is this an item that the future me will be glad to inherit?" If it’s a fast-fashion item you’re buying simply for the temporary thrill of a purchase and will likely fall apart after a few washes, the answer would be no. If it’s a last-minute item you buy to impress a date but it’s not truly your style, the answer would be no. If it’s a quality item, fills a wardrobe need, and you can see yourself wearing it for several years to come? Winner.

Asking yourself this simple question forces you to think big picture about your potential purchase, and helps you focus on making smarter buys that will serve you for longer periods of time. You’ll likely have to return items less frequently, and you’ll be adding to your closet thoughtfully. Wardrobe gaps will start to close as your closet begins to reflect a unified longterm vision of what you want your style to be—without being clouded by low-quality items you’ll only wear once or twice. Ultimately, you’ll be more satisfied with the items you own and the outfits you’re able to put together.

We’ll also note that this wardrobe evolution can be achieved no matter your budget—there are a lot of retailers that offer quality items at affordable price points. Think: Aritzia, FineryCOS, and some of the brands at Need Supply.

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