Unpopular Opinion: Button-Downs Are Cool



I'm very late to this party. As in, "the guests have already finished dinner and are on to dessert" late. I always thought button-down shirts were stiff, sweaty, and uncomfortable. But oh, how wrong I was. It's only this year that I've finally come to realize the potential of the simple top, its versatility, and the ease with which I can transform an otherwise sloppy look. I don't think I was the only one convinced that button-downs were old-school and boring, but I'm here to show off exactly how wrong I was.

Below are five styling ideas that prove the versatility and all-around coolness of this simple wardrobe basic. All that's needed is a little bit of inspiration, and it turns out that was all it took for me. While I'd point out that material choice is of utmost importance—I'm partial to silk and linen, which both handle sweat and wrinkles well—when you find the style that works for you, it's like discovering a secret weapon you never knew was in your arsenal.

Whether I'm now dressing up jeans for the office, or styling it with a miniskirt for a weekend going out, I've found that I've been sleeping on the button-down all along. Well, not anymore. Read on for styling ideas I'm into along with some shopping to help inspire you too.