The Brooklyn Fashion Blogger We're Obsessed With

As someone who lives in Brooklyn, I find it unsurprising that the New York borough receives so much attention. Everything’s just a little more laid back, a little less showy, and, well, infinitely cooler as a result. I’m constantly inspired by the stylish denizens who call the area home, so it’s always surprised me that there aren’t many fashion bloggers hailing from Brooklyn.

It turns out I just had to dig a little deeper, and what I stumbled upon—a blog called Stylish Gambino—was quite the gem. Run by blond beauty Jessi Frederick since 2012, the site is totally worth a deep dive. “I’m not a blogger; I just post a lot,” Frederick jokes, riffing on that Big Pun song, a Brooklyn reference if we’ve ever heard one. And she does indeed, showcasing her impeccable minimalist style, sprinkled with edgier items like the perfect leather jacket or boyish sneakers. It’s safe to say I’ve found my ultimate Brooklyn girl crush.

Scroll down to check out my favorite looks from Stylish Gambino!


Stylish Gambino

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