Who's That Girl? Brooke Candy Covers 'Paper' Magazine September

You may have heard whisperings of the name Brooke Candy over the past year or so—the rumbling about the California-born platinum-blonde rapper-stripper hybrid has been steadily growing since Diesel's creative director Nicola Formichetti asked her to be the new face of the brand this past spring. And for good reason: She is thoroughly badass.

Her newest coup: Candy stars alonsigde rocker Courtney Love on the cover of New York's Paper magazine September issue. Shot by Richard Burbridge and styled by Formichetti, Candy's looks strike a unique hybrid between facial bling inspired by New York's nightlife culture and high-fashion rebellion. She wears everything from a Diesel leather jacket to jewels by Erickson Beamon, Alexis Bittar, Rodrigo Otazu, and Assad Mounser.

"I don't believe in 'selling out,'" Candy told Paper about her recent entry into the mainstream. "I'll wear the glitter that'll get your attention because underneath that, I actually have something to say. Pop music gives me this huge platform to reach tons of people and actually stand for positive change. I don't think that's a problem but a lot of people see that as threatening."

Head over to Paper to read the rest of her interview and tell us below: What do you think of Candy's look and message?