Our Guide to Shopping Spring's Best Trends Without Spending a Ton

Spring is here—which means it's time to revamp our closets. From shoes to bags to little sundresses, we're super-stoked to finally put away all our heavy winter things in exchange for pieces that are lighter, more playful, and prettier.

And here's the best part: you don't have to spend a ton to add all the spring trends you want to your closet. And, as a matter of fact, you probably shouldn't—a trend, by definition, is something that may not be around come next year. So why would you want to invest so many of your hard-earned dollars when you can get budget pieces that are just as good?!

To that end, we selected five of our favourite spring trends and shopped them out, being sure to stay within a budget that's more than reasonable (i.e. almost everything is well under $100). Keep scrolling, and happy shopping! 



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It's no secret at this point that the decade is back in full force in the fashion world. From flared denim to billowing hobo dresses to suede everything, it is possible to partake in the trend without breaking the bank.

On-Duty Denim

Denim is major this spring. And we don't just mean your go-to jeans and shorts; the fabric is enjoying the spotlight in head-to-toe iterations from dresses to skirts to jackets and more. Fortunately, it's not a super-expensive material either.


The picnic-inspired print popped up everywhere on the S/S 15 runways, and is following suit in every major retailer.



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The whole military vibe seems here to stay; after several different iterations over the past few seasons, army-inspired pieces are still around for spring. From heavily-pocketed trousers to combat boots, you really can't go wrong in this arena.

Suede has the distinct privilege of being the one spring trend that looks expensive, no matter how much money you actually spend on it. And surprisingly, there are a ton of affordable options out there.

Ecote Short Suede Boot ($79)

Which spring trends are you excited to shop? Tell us in the comments below!