The Bridging Trick: Kendall Jenner's New Trend You Need to Try

If there’s one task that jumps to the top of our to-do lists every day, it’s screening the most recent images of Kendall Jenner for style inspiration. What can we say? We just can’t get enough of what she’s wearing on the regular. On one of our most recent perusals, we noticed a new trend KJ is consistently testing out—let’s call it “the bridging trick.”

If you look at several of her recent outfits, you’ll notice Jenner wearing a crop top with some sort of open layer on top—either a jacket or a shirt. We’re coining this trend the “bridging” look because the outer layer showcases a long silhouette on both sides, and the crop top creates a clear band in the middle—like a bridge! We love this look for its originality and because it allows you to wear your summer-favorite crop top in slightly chillier weather.

Keep scrolling to learn more and see Jenner’s bridging trick. Then go a bit further to shop inspired crop tops and jackets.

Will you test out this trick in your everyday life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!