Meet the Victoria's Secret Model Speaking Out Against Skinny Shaming

At this point, the fashion world is quite used to coming under heavy criticism for enabling women's unhealthy ideas of their own bodies. The lack of body diversity in magazines and runway shows is still a major area of contention for designers and models alike, but it's less common for people to talk about the opposite side of things—when women are shamed for being "too skinny."

Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm was recently the target of Internet body shamers, who shortly following last week's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took her to task for being too thin. Malcolm responded in kind, expressing a rarely heard opinion in the fashion world: that being thin is just as valid a body type as being curvy, petite, tall, or anything else.

We salute her for standing up for the right of all women to their own individual bodies! Keep scrolling to see more photos of Malcolm, and to read her poignant response to body shamers! 

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