What This Model Looks for When Shopping for a Bikini

Can we talk about the ultimate dream life for a second? Dream life = being handed a whole collection of swimwear, and taking it to one of your favourite Sydney beaches for a day of fun in the sun. Travel blogger and plus-size model Bree Warren did just that. Warren has teamed up with Tigerlily (only one of our favourite Australian swimwear labels) to showcase the new collection as it drops into stores.

The new collection features bohemian prints and embellishments, but we want to know, is what Warren looks for when shopping for a new bikini. Shopping for a swimsuit is probably one of the most dreaded fashion tasks, so any advice we can get, we take.

Keep scrolling to discover Warren’s bikini cut preference, and what she predicts will be the best-selling suit of the season.


Courtesy of Tigerlily

Who What Wear Australia: Of all the swimsuits you wore for the shoot, which one do you see yourself wearing on repeat this summer? 

Bree Warren: The leopard prints! I had actually seen them before I shot for Tigerlily so I was kind of already sold. I love that there’s removable cups in the bikini top, and the one piece fits so well.

WWW: What do you look for when shopping for a new bikini? 

BW: Number one thing has to be fit, but I mix up the styles quite a bit. My go-to is a triangle bikini top and tie side bottoms but lately I’ve been wearing and trying everything.


Courtesy of Tigerlily

WWW: Which swim bottom cut is your preference?

BW: I have some more conservative bikinis that I surf in and then more skimpy ones for beach days. I mix up the shapes so I don’t get tan lines… I think that’s why I have way too many!

WWW: Which do you predict will be the best-selling Tigerlily suit of the season? 

BW: I’m all about the one pieces at the moment and I don’t think I’m the only one!


Courtesy of Tigerlily

WWW: Which suit do you think is the most universally flattering from the new collection? 

BW: I never thought I would be saying this but I’ve been converted to one pieces. The Tigerlily white striped one piece is hot! Sexy and comfy at the same time.

WWW: Tell us your health and wellbeing secrets…

BW: They aren’t really secrets but eating well with lots of fresh vegetables and being in the ocean are what makes me feel the best. I eat A LOT of spinach, broccoli and zucchini… basically addicted. Since living in New York, I have become really conscious of processed salt and sugar. I can see it in my skin and my body when I’ve had too much! If I’m at home I have a green smoothie everyday but I’m often on the road for long periods of time so I take homemade cereal and Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir in my bag.

The most important thing though is how you feel. Everything in moderation because you’ve got to live and have fun! When you’re happy and positive you’re going to attract that back to you. 


Courtesy of Tigerlily

WWW: Which workout routines make you feel your best?

BW: Going for a swim at the beach is when I feel healthiest and happiest.

WWW: We’ve been following the ‘The Wave Provocateur’ on Instagram… where will your Tigerlily bikini take you next?

BW: I’m on a road trip across America for The Wave Provocateur as we speak! Currently in New Mexico and will be heading to Arizona, Utah, California and Mexican Baja. So my Tigerlily’s are going to be popping up everywhere over the next month or so.

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