You'll Sweat Less Wearing These Workout Clothes



When you’re working out, you’re thinking about the minutes left on the treadmill or how to fold into the perfect Downward Dog—not what you’re wearing. But the sports bra, leggings, and top you pick out can make a difference, so it’s important to make sure you’re shopping for breathable workout clothes when it’s time to pick out something new.

So what should you look for in your workout wardrobe? We tapped a few experts to find out. “Breathable workout clothing is important because it keeps your body temperature optimal both during a workout and, even more important physiologically, during recovery,” notes JJ Hendershot, senior director of Vimmia. Helping to wick away sweat is not only optimal for comfort, but it also helps keep the body from cooling too quickly. “When the body cools excessively and quickly, muscles tighten up, tendons and ligaments are stretched, and the body itself goes into a state of shock,” Hendershot adds.

Also worth noting? “Breathable fabric allows air to flow more easily, preventing bacteria from becoming trapped between your clothing and skin while working out,” says Michelle Woo, designer at Carbon38. Woo recommends seeking out lightweight fabrics, while Slava Furman, CEO and creative director of Noli Yoga, adds that “strategically placed mesh panels increase micro ventilation and overall breathability.”

Now that you’re armed with experts’ advice, read on to shop pieces inspired by their recommendations.