This Is Perhaps the Most Honest Fashion Campaign We've Ever Seen

Let’s call a spade a spade: Fashion campaigns are created to sell clothing. So while now is the time of year when tons of beautiful fall fashion campaigns start to flood in, there’s already one that’s making us look at all the others a bit differently—and well beyond the surface.

For Brandon Maxwell’s latest campaign, the designer tapped the talents of Joan Smalls, Romee Strijd, and more not only to look gorgeous in his impeccably sleek designs (obviously they do), but to speak from the heart as well. The women look right into the camera and pose, all while their voice-overs tell a totally different yet complementary story. “What do I have to say to people who think that models don’t have anything to say? I think you’re highly mistaken,” Smalls says, dressed in a Maxwell iteration of an LBD. “There’s so much depth to a person besides what you see.”

While Smalls speaks to how every model, like every person, is “cut from a different cloth,” Strijd opens up about going back to school before pursuing her career. And Maria Borges speaks to the importance of being confident and always hungry to learn: “I can help my family, and I can help myself for the future.”

>Naturally, the clothing is stunning as well, but really, it’s not the focus of the videos below. Maxwell’s been vocal about designing for women—everywhere, of all backgrounds—first and foremost. And this new campaign is simply a testament to that. Take a look at a few of the examples below.

video: Brandon Maxwell, shot at the Penthouse at 100 Barclay
video: Brandon Maxwell, shot at the Penthouse at 100 Barclay
video: Brandon Maxwell, shot at the Penthouse at 100 Barclay