Moschino's Jeremy Scott: Blatant Brand Logos Are Here to Stay

One could easily argue that in fashion, logos are truly everything. From Chanel's iconic interlocking C's to Louis Vuitton's ubiquitous "LV" monogram, there exist plenty of brands that have built much of their business on the exclusivity borne of their logos.

Jeremy Scott's approach to Italian brand Moschino is much of the same. One glance at the creative director's runways from the past several seasons reveals that Scott is currently engaged in a serious love affair with that nameit's sprawled all over his designs, from repeated appearances on his dresses to metal-plated versions on the line's unmistakable quilted handbags. For the first time, Scott opened up to Vogue about his obsession with the idea of the logo.

"I love the power of brand iconography, but like anything in fashion, you have to use the right ingredients at the right time," Scott tells Vogue. "[Logos] convey a message instantly, and as we live in an Insta-world now, it makes even more sense to pack that punch so one hit can be a total knockout!"

Scott's staunch perspective on the power of logos is particularly notable, as they're often looked down on by the fashion world at large for being a bit too, well, showy regarding one's ability to purchase expensive designer wear. But history has shown that logos work for luxury brandsand likely will continue to do so.

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