The Bra Style We've "Moved on From," According to a '90s Supermodel


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When you're a '90s supermodel and given the nickname The Body, it's only natural that you'd go on to build a lingerie empire. Elle Macpherson started her lingerie line, Elle Macpherson Intimates, in 1990, which she followed up with Elle Macpherson Body a year ago. And with that many years of experience in the business under her belt, she clearly knows a thing or two about the bra style women want to wear.

Macpherson recently spoke to The Telegraph about all things bra-related, including the style that women don't seem to be interested in anymore. She said, "I think we've moved on from that overworked lacy aesthetic." To add a little context, she was speaking of the simple, modern aesthetic that she's adopted with her new line. Macpherson added, "I've designed Elle Macpherson Body to be the antithesis of traditional lingerie."

So there you have it; according to supermodel/lingerie expert Elle Macpherson, women don't want over-the-top "sexy" lacy bras anymore. Based on the aesthetic of her new line, they're seeking functional, sportier styles that are still pretty. We'll definitely take her word for it.

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