The Surprising Reason These Boys Are All Wearing Skirts to School


Getty Images

For fans of Gossip Girl or Clueless, a little plaid skirt seems par for the course when it comes to school uniforms. But, the style is taking on a new role for schoolchildren in Britain. With the UK in the midst of a major heat wave, boys at Isca Academy in Exeter, England, have taken to wearing the style. The students protested a ban on shorts by trading in their standard trousers for a more breathable option. Since female students are allowed to bare their legs (by wearing skirts) but boys are not, the students decided to protest together by borrowing their look from their counterparts. One boy told Devon Live that the new look was "quite refreshing."

While this time around, the students wore skirts as a form of protest, male celebrities from Jaden Smith to Marc Jacobs have given the skirt their seal of approval. Honestly, we're totally on board, everyone has the same right to experience the comfort and ease of wearing this summer staple.

Curious to learn more? Watch a video about the boys below, and then shop plaid skirts for you.