Will We Soon See These "Ugly Jeans" on Every Fashion Girl?

We've seen just about every possible jean style throughout the years—every silhouette, cut, wash, and detailing—so hardly anything surprises us anymore. But the latest iteration to make a splash at fashion week has us doing a double take.

Fashion's favorite rule-breaker, Taylor Tomasi Hill, turned heads in a daring denim getup that harks back to the 1990s, when sagging jeans became popularized by hip-hop culture. While many—young music artists in particular—still work the look today, it isn't often that we see a woman styling her jeans well below the hips and revealing boxers—paired with Gucci loafers, no less.

Hill's take on sagging jeans includes a medium-wash boyfriend cut with rolled hem and a waistline worn several inches beneath the hips, giving way to a classic green plaid material reminiscent of boxers, buttoned high at the waist.

Keep scrolling to see the "boxer jeans" look styled by Taylor Tomasi Hill.



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