Lucky Brand

Whether we're channeling past idols like Anita Pallenberg or present ones like Nicole Richie, one thing is certain: we adore a luxurious hippie-chic look! In addition to being very au courant, it's incredibly easy to create your own boho-deluxe ensemble, all you need is a little help from the team at Lucky Brand!

Now, you're probably aware of Lucky Brand's amazing denim offerings--their jeans have been a go-to staple of fashionable women's wardrobes forever--but you might not be as familiar with their incredible fall collection. Take it from us: you can find everything you need to create an on-trend, ultra-cool, boho-deluxe outfit and best of all, it's totally affordable! If you're ready to create a Southwestern-meets-Laurel Canyon look, we can help. Simply shop the featured pieces for this exact outfit, and be sure to check out all of noteworthy items now in stock on Lucky Brand's website!

Casablanca Printed Peasant Top ($89.50)
With its chic assortment of vintage prints, this peasant top is the perfect piece for the boho-deluxe look! Pair it with your favorite dark-rinse jeans, earthy jewelry, and clog-detailed shoes or style it with cutoffs and simple leather sandals: either way, it's an excellent purchase!

Charlie Baby Boot Jeans ($119)
While you could always wear your peasant top with some '70s-style bell-bottoms, we think classic, clean, slightly flared jeans are a more modern choice. These timeless low-rise jeans are flattering and slim, so you can really pair them with anything!

Topanga Canyon Crossbody Bag ($149)
This bag is so incredibly cool on so many levels! We love the fringed leather details, as they add texture to any outfit, plus an across-body strap is always a good thing. Stylish and practical, this bag is a smart choice for a music festival or just running errands around town!

Amber-Bead Necklace ($75)
When creating a boho-deluxe look, you simply must incorporate something with a handcrafted vibe, hence our inclusion of this stunning necklace. The rough-hewn stones are perfectly chunky and the gorgeous amber color is sure to add a little warmth to any look.

Gold Lace Cuff ($99)
While the leather fringe on the Topanga Canyon Crossbody Bag definitely adds some texture to your ensemble, you can also use jewelry to amplify an outfit. Case in point: this delicate, fabulous cuff--which was inspired by antique lace--will make your overall look a little more nuanced, plus it adds a dash of femininity!

Turquoise Buckle Belt ($79.50)
Hmm, how to describe this belt? Well, in a word, we're simply obsessed with it! The leather is the ideal shade of tan and the turquoise stones are just incredibly cool. Snap it up now, this accessory's a winner!

Tessa Heels ($99) in Red
Boasting a wooden heel and clog-like studded details, these bright red sandals are a sure thing for fall. These shoes are the ideal selection for a bohemian look because they're sturdy enough to pair with flared jeans and who could resist a pop of bright color?